Saturday, September 5, 2009

mula sa About Me section ng aking friendster.

people usually see the total opposite of how i want them to see me...

some thinks i'm funny. I AM... then again i'm not. i definitely am serious.

i am a fighter, they say... "the bRave one". I AM. then again i'm not. for as one song says, "the warrior is a chiLd".

i am a frolicsome biRd. i fLy... and i always will. and thus, like a biRd, i am free-spirited...

i was never bouNd to ruLes. i am not mS. perfect nor am i mS. beHaved.

i was never into competition... but life seems to be fond of throwing me into an "i-am-better-than-the-others" kind of world.

i want everything to be simple.
no complications. no biggies. no worries.

but it doesn't go that way.

so i usually get tired of things and of people.

just wanna have some time alone.
but a little laughs with friends won't hurt.

i Love... as well as haTe.

and i am no extraodinary beauty.
you can just pass by me without throwing second looks.

you can love me, you can hate me. you can judge me, say everythin' about me... still, i will be the same "ME"... untouchable.

you can huRT me... you can make me cRy a riVer... but baby ONLY IF I LET YOU DO SO.


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