Friday, June 18, 2010


i was busy yesterday making sure lil bro's first day in school goes well. i took him to the school (he's a transferee) and looked for his section. his new school was quite big-- enormous really. we both school supplies after that and later at home, i covered each notebook with the 'color coding' assigned to them-- yellow for assignment, red for quizzes, etcetera etcetera.

i had to wait from 12noon to 5pm outside their classroom. man! i was bored to death. hahah. i bought a broadsheet and finished everything in an hour. i chatted with the other mommies out there but ended up listening to them bragging about their kids. hahah. 

every now and then, a little kid would appear in front of me curious about my phone.

a long line of 1st graders stopped near me with their teacher in front. they were having a little tour of the school...

Teacher: claaaaasss! listen. this is the Principal's Office. what is this?
Class: Priiiincipal's ooooooooooffice!
Teacher: Very good! where is the Principal's offiiiiice???
Class: Theeeeeeeere!
Teacher: Tudlo! (point it)
Class: Theeeeeeeeeeeeere! (pointing at the Principal's Office)


waiting made me remember my primary school years... they were quite memorable. i made a lot of good friends. i studied hard. i slowly had my own understanding of the world. and i was loved.

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  1. This is cute, hehehe. I had so many of this being the eldest of eight! Nice writing! Keep it up.